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The grouping of the SDG2030 into 5 interdependent cores

Although it can be affirmed, as we have done, that the 17 SDGs are inseparably interconnected and this is one of the extremes that are most repeated in the UN document itself, we can group them into different focuses of relevance. In this reflection we will group them into three plus two. We could say that the most inspired by the Millennium Goals are those that we are going to call “Life more fully human”; we found another group of SDGs more focused on the “Care of the planet”; a third group that we are going to call “Sustainable Development” that brings together from the perspective of one of the motor concepts of the 2030 Agenda. The fourth is SDG 16, which commits us to build Peace from fairer societies. The fifth is SDG 17, which calls us to make sector and territorial alliances of all kinds in order to bring the agreed claims to fruition. The five groups in which the 2030 SDGs can be organized have come to be called “the Five Ps”, referring to their name in English: People (people), Planet (planet), Progress (Development), Peace (peace) and Partnership (Alliances). These “Five P” will be the sections of the Blog.


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