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Migrant support network. La Ventilla. Madrid. SDG 10 EN

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Care, support networks and community participation, keys to reducing poverty and social exclusion.

Irene Gil Gimeno

Responsible for Social Action F. PROCLADE

Journalist and Social Worker


Fundación PROCLADE’s project “Space for care and positive leadership” focuses on the accompaniment and care of the most vulnerable sectors.


Since October 2020, Fundación PROCLADE has been promoting a new project, “Espacio de cuidados y liderazgos positivos” (Space for care and positive leadership), in the district of Tetuán (Madrid). This initiative provides support and advice on those problems that the person is suffering, in addition to promoting the creation of support networks.


The rationale and objectives of this project are framed in SDG 10, which promotes the reduction of inequality caused by reasons such as gender, age, disability, race, ethnicity or religion.


The current pandemic we are experiencing has triggered an economic and social crisis that is generating new profiles of poverty and aggravating those situations of exclusion that many people used to live in. Now more than ever is the time to join forces and stand by the side of the most vulnerable population.

In the “Espacio de Cuidados y Liderazgos Positivos”, through a global approach to the dimension of the person, we attend and accompany any citizen of the Community of Madrid who so requires, and who needs support in various areas of his or her life: search for employment or training alternatives, guidance in administrative or bureaucratic procedures, emotional support, search for residential or food alternatives, legal information, etc.


In addition, three groups have been set up: Migratory mourning, Loneliness and daily living conditions, and Free love and healthy relationships, which seek to address common problems and experiences, and enable participants to create support networks.


Likewise, the participation of the people who make up these groups in their community will also be promoted, with the aim of fostering their right to participate in public life.


Different approaches and methodologies will be applied in its development: community intervention, comprehensive social intervention, rights-based approach, gender perspective, intercultural perspective, and right to participation.


It is important to highlight that this initiative is also committed to volunteering as a fundamental pillar in social transformation. Volunteers participating in this project will be able to contribute their knowledge and skills in the individual accompaniment of these people in different areas: employment, emotional health, bureaucratic procedures, training alternatives, etc.; as well as being present in any of the three groups, and dynamizing and supporting their content.


The overwhelming rates of global inequality require the development of initiatives that put people at the center, especially groups in social situations as aggravated as migrants or women; it is precisely these realities that this project focuses on, which puts them in value, makes them visible and tries to transform.


Irene Gil Gimeno

Responsible for Social Action F. PROCLADE

Journalist and Social Worker




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