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Faith for Earth Report 2018-2019 EN

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Planeta | 0 comments

In January 2018, after the adoption of UNEP’s Strategy for Engaging with Faith-basedOrganizations and religious leaders, the Faith for Earth Initiative was launched. I can’t believe how too short they felt, but long enough to achieve, together with you all, what we have planned and much more.
I am delighted to launch the Faith for Earth 2018-2019 achievements report. All these achivements, were only possible because you have believed in the vision and mission of the initiative and have extended your support and engaged in fruitful partnerships. We areproud that the Faith for Earth community has grown to include more than 3000 members representing more than 300 organizations. Together we have organized 8 global conferences, 16 workshops, addressed more than 20000 people, held more than 30 webinars, mobilized more than US$ 1M in in-kind contribution, planted thousands of trees, accredited 42 organizations, signed 5 partnership agreements, established global faith-environment work streams, created a social media hits that trended in some occasions, and much more. But more importantly, the Faith- Environment movement is more solid, more productive and more heard as well as concretely linked to the Programme of Work of UNEP and its mid-term strategy.
As we look to the future, we are committed to work even harder and smarter together, institutionalize role of FBOs in intergovernmental strategies as in the case of Organization of Islamic cooperation/ISESCO, establish the global Faith for Earth Coalition as a voice of unity among religions to ensure that People, live in a healthy Planet, enjoy Prosperity in Peaceful societies and in Partnership with all. We come from Many Religions, but we all have One Goal to save our One Earth.
I sincerely extend my deepest appreciations to you all, members of the Faith for Earth community for all your support, encouragement, and fruitful partnerships.


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