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Claretian Missionari Action in Cameroon SDG EN

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Africa | 0 comments

Claretian Missionari Action in Cameroon

In the time of COVID-19


The Claretian Missionaries arrived in Cameroon in 1970. Last year in 2020, we joyfully celebrated the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Claretian presence in Cameroon. Under the coordination of the Prefecture of Apostolate, we have set up an NGO on Claretian Development Promotion (PROCLADE CAMEROON). Based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we try to work daily for the well-being of man in all its components.

Last year, given the health context dominated by COVID 19, we did not remain idle. Several initiatives were undertaken to fight against this pandemic. With the support of the General Procurator of the Missions and the PROCLADE INTERNATIONAL Foundation, we have sensitized and distributed masks, hydro-alcohol gels, soap, and other foodstuffs to several hundred families in villages and in several regions of the country. This initiative has been intensified in all our communities to ensure that SDG 3, which deals with health and well-being, is taken into account.

Another important aspect that has marked this period is the care of children living with disabilities. Indeed, for several years now, with the support of the Liliane Foundation, we have been providing support to hundreds of children in several areas: health, education, and social integration. Today, inclusion is a requirement in the world and we must work together to break down barriers and consider people living with a disability as full-fledged people. SDGs 4 and 10 speak to us about quality education and reducing inequalities. We provide full schooling and medical care for them. In the North-West of the country, with the Anglophone crisis in full swing, many students find themselves without school and are involved in certain scourges such as banditry and prostitution. We have initiated an accompaniment to support these children by setting up a project of a full cycle school.


Cameroon is a welcoming country, which is why we find a strong presence of refugees, mostly Central African, in Bertoua in the east of the country. Through agropastoral projects, we encourage these refugees by giving them free space to take care of themselves through agropastoral activities. 

Fr Conrad Atangana Essomba, cmf



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