Determined to make a better world TOGETHER. SDG 17 EN

Determined to make a better world TOGETHER. SDG 17


Miguel Ángel Velasco cmf

cmfUNteam member


The annual High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) meeting continues its work with an intensity very close to other years. The sessions, interventions, special events, and parallel events are all through the Internet. Still, we are meeting with the unwavering will of people from across the globe, to promote, even more so, the fulfillment of Agenda 2030.


The COVID-19 attack is bringing out some decisive keys for the future, based on Sustainable Development: to educate, especially the new generations, from the core of the Agenda 2030 and the Human Rights; to highlight the interrelationship between all the ODS2030 to give a real and integral answer to the world's problems; to promote the digital deployment all over the world, without leaving anyone behind; to fight with determination against the inequality within each country and between countries; the need of the intergovernmental cooperation and the multilateralism.

I said yesterday that it is impossible to attend all the events organized during these two weeks: they are all relevant. I present to you the themes of the ten training meetings, prepared by the ECOSOC training platform. Each session begins with a presentation of the subject by a prominent speaker; continues with a round table discussion. The round table is attended by 10 to 12 personalities from governments, universities, NGOs, companies, etc., who are specialists in the subject under discussion. It is clear that the more you know about reality, the more you realize what you still need to know.


2020 SDGS learning, training & practice


01. Learning and training for SDG implementation in the COVID-19 Era

02.Developing transformational partnership to catalyze SDGs implementation.

03. Accelerating action through digital technologies: strengthening digital skills and capacities for human wellbeing.

04. Food systems and nutrition patterns: biodiversity, resilience and food security.

05. Global environmental commons: co-designing solutions to integrate SDGs into policies and practices thru education and capacity development.

06. Energy decarbonization and universal access: participatory science and stakeholder capacity building in sustainable energy development.

07. Sustainable and just economies: - Lessons learned from the COVID-q9 crisis and enabling factors for the SDGs

08. Urban and peri-urban development: Tools for SDG localization.

09. Teaching, learning and integrating the SDGs at universities and beyond – linking to the decade of action.

10. Preparing for the second reporting cycle: empowering actors, improving coordination and strengthening SDG data reporting.


Miguel Ángel Velasco cmf

cmfUNteam member