From the ground: South Korea. Migrants: the SDG 18 EN

 From the ground: South Korea. Migrants: the SDG 18

James Jose cmf, Seoul South Korea cmf
St Claret Migrant Ministry

Local Situation: South Korea has been importing number of Migrant workers since the early 1990s and majority of them are unskilled migrant labourers from Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand and CambodiaThe demand  for foreign migrant workers  has  largely come about  as better educated and  wealthier  Koreans  began  to give  up certain occupation categories, especially  the so called 3-D (difficult, dirty and dangerous) manual Jobs. The percentage of migration to South Korea is increasing further as the anticipated brides shortage brings in more migrant women. 
Recently, there is a good number flow of Refugees also began to South Korea specially from Syria, Egypt, Africa, Pakistan, Myanmar and China. Incheon diocese situates the North west side of Korea which is very close to the Sea and the Second largest port of Korea through which a good number of Refugee enter to South Korea. 

Incheon area is a city in South Korea which is an Industrial areas with lots of companies with a large number of migrant workers and refugees both legal and illegal.  There are lots of migrant workers, both Legal Migrants and Illegal Migrants, refugees, separated and abandoned foreign wives and multi-cultural children in the Incheon area specially Bucheon.  These migrants and refugees are scattered in different areas of Incheon and very often the place they work and live are not well established and secure. 

Many of them do not have proper shelter and accommodation and most of them dwell in Iron container.  These migrant workers face lots of problems both in company and outside.  At present many are temporary and illegal workers and once they lose their job they have to go out from company and they have nowhere to stay.  So there are also migrants and refugees without any proper legal documents, accommodation and sheltering. It is also very hard to get a Job to the illegal migrant’s and refugees.

Short History of Ministry among Migrants and refuges by Claretian Missionaries

Claretian Missionaries of Korean Delegation began a new community and a migrant centre with two priests and three lay Claretians in a very small building in Geomdan, Incheon Diocese in 2015 to support and to take care the Homeless migrants and refugees in the nearby areas.  The basic purpose of the community and centre was to provide sheltering, accommodation, counselling, medical and legal assistance and pastoral care. In the beginning we have regularly visited the nearby areas of Geomdan where the migrants and refugees stay (Stay in Iron container which has no basic facility) and communicated them about our presence in the area and our assistance and also about our shelter centre.

Through the regular contact we could talk to them and made a good relation and organized them in the nearby basketball court where we used to play with them every weekend. Almost within six months we could find many scattered Migrant and Refugees in the nearby areas of Geomdan without proper accommodation and shelter.  Later we rented two small rooms where we could only accommodate maximum 6 people in Ojongdong, for the legal, illegal and Jobless migrants and refugees. Now, Every Sunday we have the English mass for all the Migrant and refuges in the nearby Korean parish. But still there are many places of Inchon where the Refugees and migrants are scattered and unorganized.  

Present Mission of Claret Migrant Centre

At present we are engaged our Ministry among 250 Migrants form 14 Countries that is Philippines, Vietnam, Srilanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mexico, Columbia, Nigeria, Thailand, Ghana, Khazakistan, China and Russia. 

Pastoral Service: Every Sunday we regularly go to different Parishes to have the Holy Eucharist, confession and recollection in English language for the migrant people specially for Philippinos and Vietnamese migrants.

Counselling: At present Claret Migrant centre provides counselling for migrant Labourers as well as to the families, especially Migrants from Philippines, Vietnamese, Peru, and Bangladesh, on Salary, Employment, Divorce and martial violence in different places like Seoul, Inchon, Ansan Yankuk and Ujongdong. We also provide legal support and consultation and guidance on the matters of Labourers Payment and Retirement. 

Legal Support and Consultation: we provide legal aid on Violation of Human Rights and Immigration Problems, divorce compensation, Family violence, Delayed and Non-payment of wages. We have three legal experts who are freely serving in our community to support the Migrants and also for translation.

Medical Support & Hospital assistance:  Health Consultation and Medical insurance and Treatment is provide to them and also accompany them to hospital in emergency for the undocumented.

Shelter Centre:  We had begun a Temporary Shelter centre for Women in the third floor of our community with 15 single rooms on August 2015 in Bucheon in Inchon Diocese, in order to support foreign workers and migrants to provide a temporary stay for three to Six months. 

Supporting, caring and sheltering the abandoned foreign Brides and other women: There is a lot of bride’s shortages in Korea and many girls are brought to Korea form foreign countries by marriage but the relation will be broken after a short period of time and the girls becomes abandoned. Intercultural marriage among Foreigners also can cause in separation and finally result in the abandon. There are also a good number foreign women engaged in prostitution, working forcefully in Dance bars and Massage parlours and also the victims of direct and indirect human trafficking.

Organizing Small migrant communities. In many areas of Inchon migrant are organised but still there are lot of migrants scattered in different places without any pastoral care and legal support.
Special Care to Illegal Migrants: Since there are lot of Illegal migrant working in Korea, they cannot be legally incorporated to Korea in future. They hide and work in many Companies without proper legal documents. So there will be chances for them to be exploited.

Violation of human rights: we are also supporting and caring for people for their rights either in the workplace, Society or in the family.

Caring Multicultural Children: Giving them Korean cultural support by animating them in our community
Korean Language Class & Cultural Support: Teaching Korean language for minimum daily use and basic training and orientation to adjust to Korean culture and tradition.

Technical assistance: Make use the Center for technical assistance to find a job, training in bread making and self-supporting and income generating works.

Free supply of food items and Cloths and basic necessities: We also provide a free lunch to all the Migrates on every Sunday and also supples the Rice and vitamins.

Free Medical Camp on Every Month: we arranged the medial camp in our centre on every month in association with the Catholic St Mary’s hospital Seoul.

Separate Mass for Vietnam communities: Every last Sunday of month we have separate Sunday mass for Vietnam community.

Fr. James Jose, Seoul South Korea cmf
St Claret Migrant Ministry